Consultants & Coaches are no different to any other small Business…Only 5% are good enough to survive!

With two decades and over 21,000 hours experience and expertise in Coaching our Clients to achieve extraordinary success,
we know a thing or two about the Business Coaching industry.

It has exploded into a $1 Billion industry in the last 10 years and yet some ‘insider secrets’ may surprise you.

For example, did you know:

Business Coaching is an Unregulated Industry

Over 90% of the 100,000’s Coaches worldwide…have No Qualifications and very little Personal Experience

Most Coach ‘Qualifications’ and ‘Credentials’ are given as membership benefits by Coaching organizations,regardless of an individual’s true experience or expertise.

Other Coaching ‘Credentials’ (that YOU think are worth something) can be bought for as little as $99.

How can you protect yourself against this situation?

Before hiring any Coach or Consultant…ask these 5 Questions to ensure you’re dealing with a Qualified Expert who will be
an investment for your Business, not a liability.


How experienced are they? How many hours ‘real-world’ Coaching experience do they have,personally? How many Clients have they worked with? (By the way, make sure it’s their OWN experience and not just a general reference to other people). Ask for their own SPECIFIC Case studies that are directly relevant to YOUR own circumstances.


What tangible systems, programs and resources will you be using? Proven management tools will help you grow your Business, so ask to see them before you start. The better their Systems, the better your progress and growth.


The biggest quality of the expert Coach is being able to hold you Accountable. After all, that’s one of the biggest reasons you’re not already more successful, correct? Ask them exactly HOW they’ll hold you accountable for LEARNING the things you DON’T know…and DOING the things you DO know.


What is their PROCESS for ensuring you and they are the right ‘fit’ together? Or are they just desperate to gain a ‘sale’ and make you a Client? Before you both make your decision, ask for testimonials from other Clients who have worked PERSONALLY with your chosen Coach.


Most important of all, you can IMMEDIATELY assess the quality of a Coach by how quickly they start asking you about your LONG TERM Goals. You see, your Long Term Goals must dictate your Short Term Goals (and not vice versa). This is the basis of ALL great Coaching. If they don’t ask about your longer term objectives at the very outset of your discussions…steer well clear. It’s the biggest mistake in Business (and Life) today. This ONE concept is what stops most people fulfilling their true potential.

Ask US these questions!
Put US to the test!

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